5 Best Skills Tracking Software in 2024 to Help Team Members Reach Their Full Potential

Unlock your team's potential with these skills tracking software. How can you bridge skill gaps and boost productivity effectively? Find out here!

March 25, 2024

Skills management software
Anita Kaswa
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Many employees are not reaching their full potential, which causes skill gaps. According to research by Ali Riza Kucuk, a management consultant at MCT Turkey, 74% of employees feel they could do more for their companies. 

In this article, I will reveal the five best skills tracking software. I have used a few of these tools – and will share my thoughts on them below. For others, I have undergone careful research and checked for reviews on websites like G2, Capterra, and GetApp before coming out with this list. So, read on to learn about the best skills tracking sofware in 2024.

Best Skills Tracking Software in 2024

Here is the list of the most useful skills tracking software of the current year:

1. Skills Base

Skills Base layout showing skill levels of each employee
Skills Base layout showing skill levels of each employee. Source: Skills Base

Skills Base enables you to identify areas for upskilling and align them with suitable tasks. One of the things I really like is that it offers both self-assessment (when an employee can log in and pass assessment steps like tests) and supervisor assessment (when a person measures an employee’s performance), and each of them is optional – this way, the organization may choose which is the best for them. Skills base offers many features, and  here are the key of them:

Key Features

  • Cloud-based matrix. Gives you real-time data so you can use it to manage your team's performance.
  • Skill gaps highlight. Identifies skills gaps to enhance retention, recruitment, and organizational growth.
  • Skills library. Gives you curated skills based on organizational roles.
  • Skills tracking. Tracks skills comprehensively to pinpoint areas needing support.


  • Easy navigation and friendly interface, allowing to conveniently watch skill performance.
  • Self-assessment and supervisor assessment options.
  • Ability to indicate employee’s interest levels – a measure of how interested an employee is in a certain skill.
  • Good cooperation and support during implementation.


  • Lack of guidance to help get started.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Limited number off-the-shelf reports.

Free Plan

There is a free plan of $0/month, and you can work with up to 25 people/team.

The Skills Base competency model shows all three subjective measures: ability (skill level), desire (interest level), and knowledge (qualifications).
Skills Base competency model, showing the ability (skill level), desire (interest level), and knowledge (qualifications). Source: Skills Base

Personally, I really liked this tool. What I appreciate most about Skills Base is its visual analysis of skills categories, making it easy to identify the team's training needs. Also, it helps all team members to see and develop their skills and careers. However, I would appreciate more visual reporting options. Additionally, I'd like the ability to remove some of the skill assessment data that I don’t need at the moment. 

2. SkillNet

SkillNet is an intuitive tool for operational leaders. It helps simplify tasks like gathering workforce skill data and personalized training. You can also use it to manage certifications and connect team members with suitable mentors. And its skill assessment capability allows organizations to accurately measure skills, establish talent inventories, and proactively address skill gaps.

Key Features

  • Skill database. Stores all the tracked skills so you can manage employee skills effectively. 
  • Personalized upskill and reskill. There is a tailored training program for individual skill needs.
  • Certification management. Facilitates the management of certifications and qualifications.
  • Mentor matching. Helps connect team members with mentors for skill development.
  • Training records. Maintains records of employee training activities for reference and analysis.


  • Easy-to-use interface for tracking and reporting skill data.
  • Impressive library of training materials.
  • Personalized training plans.
  • Impeccable support with speedy responses and bug resolutions.


  • Occasional bugs, like login issues, may be due to SkillNet being a relatively new program.

Free Plan

There is no free plan. You must contact SkillNet for tailored pricing based on your team's specific needs.

I like how SkillNet breaks down skills into categories, helping me identify strengths and areas for improvement. Some users say it was not easy to navigate on the site and find the needed options. Nevertheless, I think the tool remains effective in its main functionality – helping me track and develop my skills.

3. Cinode

Cinode user’s profile showing their top skills and proficiency levels
Cinode skills management dashboard, showing the skills performance of each employee. Source: Cinode

Cinode is a tool aimed at improving talent matching within and across companies. It provides opportunities for people to showcase their talents and ambitions. The tool helps identify and bridge skills gaps, create a CV, match skills and assignments, and make reports. All these help enhance your profitability and attractiveness as an employer.

Skills Forecast feature. The table with an average employee level and the target level of a certain skill.
Skills Forecast feature. Here, we can see an average employee level and the target level of a certain skill. Source: Cinode

Key Features

  • Skills forecast. Employs Growth Plans analytics of each employee to forecast future skill demands based on present trends and patterns.
  • Skills history. Tracks the evolution of skills for individuals or teams over time.
  • Skill sets. Helps you organize and categorize skills for easy reference and analysis.
  • Certifications. Through Cinode, you can manage and track certifications and qualifications for your team members.


  • Easy navigation.
  • Effective gap identification through competence mapping. 
  • Helpful and friendly support.


  • Poor usabiliy as 17 out of 101 reviews on G2 mention.
  • Lack of resources to help get started.

Free Plan

Up to ten users can enjoy a free plan with several features like online CV, skill sets,  and templates among others.

4. Pluralsight

Pluralsight team skills analytics dashboard shows a team members learning javascript, their duration (2hrs, 15mins), members (30), and average completion (77%).
Pluralsight team skills analytics dashboard showing members of a team learning JavaScript Fundamentals. Source: Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a tool you can use to manage workforce skills. It offers access to the best online courses and trainings. With data-driven insights, you can effectively access your organization’s team's skills and improve and close skill gaps.

Key Features

  • Upskilling maps. Helps you visualize skill development paths and progress.
  • Custom learning programs. Here, an employee may create their own learning path, adding the needed content (courses, labs, or practice exams).
  • Certifications manager. You can track and manage employee certifications and qualifications.
  • Skills assessments. Helps you assess and evaluate the proficiency of team members.
  • Hands-on learning. Pluralsight's hands-on learning distinguishes itself by giving you an interactive, practical experience.They offer labs, sandboxes (which include completing tasks that the employees will be performing on the job), projects, and interactive courses.


  • Well-designed dashboard for tracking team progress and course usage.
  • Handy reporting features for providing usage stats to upper management.
  • Wide variety of classes available in different formats.
  • Quick and easy setup process with licenses provided promptly.
  • Helpful account representatives and support team.
  • Goals, awards, and achievements feature motivates team members to study and increases platform usage.


  • Very costly compared to other platforms.
  • Some courses are outdated.
  • No free plan.

Free Plan

There is no free plan. However, each paid plan comes with a free trial.

I like that Pluralsight makes learning easily accessible and consumable,  promoting the continuous learning culture. However, I noticed there is lack of softer skills content. While technical upskilling is vital, soft skills are also crucial in the workplace. Having more courses on improving soft skills could make a big difference in enhancing overall professional development.

5. Runn

Runn’s dashboard showing employees’ performance on skills development.
Runn’s dashboard showing employees’ performance on skills development. Source: Runn

Runn is a tool that focuses on skills management. The tool gives you a detailed view of each team member's expertise, skills, and seniority levels. This constantly updated and fact-checked data allows you to get an efficient project assignment and helps maintain high morale and prevent burnout.


  • Upskilling maps. With this feature, you can visualize skill development paths and progress for team members.
  • Real-time analytics. As a manager, you can monitor resource allocation and project progress in real time, quickly identifying bottlenecks and adjusting plans accordingly.
  • Skills assessments. This tool helps you evaluate and track the proficiency of team members in various skills.


  • Simple implementation and easy-to-use interface for tracking skills.
  • A good view of cross-project metrics.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • Few reporting options
  • Missing API features
  • No time tracking software included

Free Plan

The free plan allows to manage up to 5 people with unlimited projects.

Benefits of Using Skills Tracking Software

If we are to talk about skills tracking software, there are many benefits of using it. Here are some of them:

  • Accuracy and precision. With skills tracking software, you ensure the information you collect about an employee’s skills is accurate and up-to-date. You will likely minimize errors and discrepancies by centralizing data and using standardized assessment tools. By centralizing skills data, software like Skills Base ensures accuracy; for example, identifying skill gaps improves training efficacy.
  • Customized reporting. The best skills tracking software has customizable reporting features. This option allows you to generate relevant and actionable reports if you need insights on individual skill levels, team performance, or organizational trends. For instance, in Cinode’s paid version, one can generate individual skill proficiency reports, team performance summaries, and trend analyses for team planning.
  • Skill gap closing. Skills tracking software helps you identify skill gaps and areas for improvement. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop targeted reskilling programs that efficiently address specific needs. If an employee lacks knowledge in management, the team leader can notice this gap and choose the course to close it.

Although I personally didn’t try all the platforms, I chose the ones that will definitely help you to assess your team’s strengths, identify areas for growth, and chart a clear path for professional development. The convenience of accessing training materials anytime and anywhere has made learning a habit rather than a chore. While there are areas for improvement in some of the tools, I highly recommend using them to any team that is serious about advancing their skills. 

Anita Kaswa
Content Writer

I’m love writing because it keeps my brain working. I want my texts to be accurate and interesting, and in doing the research to make that happen, I learn many new things.

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