How to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business Like a Pro: 9 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Read to see some of the most effective strategies to attract clients for your cleaning business. From local marketing to online presence, learn how to grow your clientele.

May 4, 2024

How to get clients for a cleaning business.
Shashank Kothari
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One of the main challenges of a cleaning business owner is finding new customers. Fortunately, there's a way out. If you implement a well-rounded strategy, you will watch your business grow. Here, I have carefully picked out the eight best ways you can get the clients for your business.

1. Know Your Target Market

So, the first thing you must do is to get crystal clear on who your ideal customers are. Only in this case you can then tailor your services to meet their specific requirements. This way, it'll be more likely for them to choose your business over others. Some of the audiences you can target are:

Older people who live alone. These people may struggle with home upkeep due to physical limitations. To target them, offer deep cleaning and organizing services to ease their burdens and enhance their living conditions.

Families with kids. Parents face daily messes from spills and clutter, which makes cleaning services of a great help for them. Flexible scheduling and child-friendly cleaning products can appeal to this group. 

People always busy at work. Busy professionals crave a clean, peaceful home but lack time for upkeep. You need to offer them efficient, reliable services with customizable plans and online booking options. This allows them to enjoy a clean living space without the stress of doing everything themselves after work.

To understand who your potential customers are, start by researching what's already out there. Look at other cleaning services to see who's using them and what they like. Read reviews and ask people what they think. Get a feel for what people want and need.

The Maids studied their local markets and found that many customers worked long hours. They adjusted operating hours to evenings and weekends, allowing more bookings and a 12% profit jump.

Once you've got a handle on things, break down your audience into different groups. Think about who might use your service and why. Busy professionals who need to free up their schedule? Elderly people having difficulty with physical tasks and needing assistance? Or, maybe, new parents who need to lighten their workload and relieve stress? Figure out who your service is for and what they're into.

2. Establish a Strong Online Presence

Google search for the keyword “House cleaning services” between Mar 2023 and Feb 2024 shows it was between 75 and 100.
Google search for the keyword “House cleaning services” between Mar 2023 and Feb 2024. Source: Google

According to Google Trends, people are always searching for the keyword “house cleaning services”. So, you see why establishing a solid online presence is one of the best strategies to attract more customers. Once you identified who your potential clients are, it’s time to work on your digital presence.

To establish a strong digital presence, use DIY options (doing it on your own through platforms like WordPress,  instead of hiring a professional) or hire a good web developer to create a professional-looking website. The latter must showcase your services, expertise, and unique selling points. It also needs to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines to increase your visibility in search engine results.

The cleaning websites may charge different fees based on the platform. DIY options like Squarespace start at $140/year, while WordPress sites can be $60/year. Hiring a developer can add $60-80/hour to your expenses. Costs may differ for other platforms, and remember to budget for a custom domain if needed.

Next, engage on one social media platform so you can channel all your energy and potential clients there. Share relevant and engaging content about what you offer, respond to comments and messages, and try building meaningful relationships with your followers. You can make posts like:

  • “Before and after” photos of cleaned spaces.
  • Cleaning tips and hacks.
  • Client testimonials or reviews.
  • Special promotions or discounts.
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses of your cleaning process.

After that, when your business expands, you then join other social media platforms. When you use this strategy, you will be more focused and impactful.

Two companies that have thrived as a result of good website and social media presence are Maid Right and Men in Kilts. Maid Right's website is clean, featuring authentic images, quick chat, and social media links. Men in Kilts focuses on exterior cleaning, a good social media presence, and a well-designed website that showcases professionals at work. 

: Men in Kilts’s Facebook profile shows the number of followers, which is 4.9k.
Men in Kilts’s Facebook profile.

Men in Kilts has about 5k Facebook fans, 4.3k Instagram followers and about 2.4k X fans. Both companies effectively engage their audience and make it easy to connect or schedule services.

According to a report from Visual Objects, which is a directory of design and creative agencies, 76% of consumers look for a company's digital presence before visiting in person. So, having a strong online presence will help attract more customers. But you will not just have it. There are some things you must do. 

You can use Google and social media ads to reach potential customers. For instance, on Facebook and Instagram, you can create ads for just $10 per week to begin with. Moreover, setting up a Google My Business profile is free, which helps optimize your website. However, you may need to upgrade your website plan for SEO plugins like Yoast. Furthermore, while using Google Ads doesn't require a subscription fee, you should start with a small $10 weekly campaign budget.

Also, ask for referrals from satisfied clients and invest in search engine marketing to increase online visibility. These strategies help attract new clients and expand your business reach effectively.

3. Leverage Local Marketing Tactics

Local marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services to a particular area of neighborhood, according to LocaliQ

Leveraging local marketing tactics is a good move that can grow your cleaning business in your geographical location. It involves getting your name out there in your community through methods like:

  • Distributing flyers or door hangers in targeted neighborhoods.
  • Advertising in local newspapers or community publications.
  • Optimize your website for local search by visiting Google Business and signing in with your business email.
  • Participating in local events or sponsoring community activities.
  • Networking with other local businesses or joining community organizations.
  • Be placed on local maps (Google Maps, for example) - ensure accurate business listings and location information.
  • Purchase advertising in local communities on social networks like Facebook groups for neighborhoods and LinkedIn local networking groups.

While I was doing my research, I found out that 84% of small to medium-sized businesses saw more people coming through their doors because of location-based marketing. Eight out of ten clients use search engines to look for local information, including local businesses. Also, half of the people who searched for local businesses using their phones visited a business location in 24 hours. This means that reaching out to people right in your neighborhood can really pay off.

4. Ask for Referrals and Testimonials

Asking for referrals and testimonials is all about getting your satisfied clients to spread the word about your services. 90% of customers believe reviews are more important than anything a salesperson says. This shows the crucial role reviews play in shaping consumer perceptions and decisions.

Maid Right displays their client testimonials on their website’s homepage. It shows a rating score of 4.6 over 5.0, based on 62 reviews.
Maid Right client testimonials.

One great way to do this is by simply asking your clients to refer their friends and family to you when they need cleaning services. You could even sweeten the deal by offering referral discounts. This will make it a win-win situation for everyone involved. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews on your company’s Google Business page. The more positive reviews your company gets, the more Google will place it higher on search results.

Also, let us assume that your clients don't have specific referrals in mind. They can still help you out by providing testimonials or reviews online. These testimonials can be added to your website to build trust with potential clients. Your clients can also leave reviews on platforms like Google or Trustpilot. These will help confirm your reliability.

Now, I know it might not always be easy to bring up the topic with your clients. But many of them are more than happy to share their positive experiences with others. You don't need to push too hard, but even just a few strong reviews can go a long way in attracting new clients.

5. Offer Special Promotions/Packages

This method is another great strategy for attracting more customers to your cleaning services. You create irresistible offers that make potential clients want to choose you over the competition. Or even if they didn’t consider getting one, they will think of the promotions and realize it's actually cheap to try out. Here are three ideas on the promotions you may use:

  1. Offer new client discounts or bundled services. For example, you can give first-time customers a special discount on their first cleaning. You can also bundle more than one service together at a discounted rate.
  1. Additionally, you can create seasonal cleaning specials to capitalize on peak times throughout the year. For example, if you offer a spring cleaning special or a holiday cleaning package, it will most definitely entice those who are looking to freshen up their homes or offices for special occasions.
  1. Another great idea is to create loyalty programs to retain your existing customers. A loyalty program is a rewards system you offer to people in order to encourage them to patronize you again. This could involve offering discounts or rewards for repeat customers and encouraging them to keep coming back to you for their cleaning needs.

When you offer these special packages, you're not only giving potential clients incentives to choose your business but also rewarding your loyal customers for their continued support. For instance, Merry Maids, an international cleaning service in 2023, ran a "Spring Cleaning" promotion offering 20% off their standard cleaning packages for new customers. They reported gaining over 10,000 new clients during the 2-month promotion period. So, special promotions packages are a win-win situation that will most likely help you attract new clients and keep them coming back for more.

6. Join Online Marketplaces

These platforms connect service providers like you with customers who are actively looking for cleaning services. So, joining marketplaces can help you get noticed and attract more customers to your cleaning business.

Here are my top five online marketplaces you can join to boost your business:

  1. Thumbtack. Thumbtack helps connect customers with local professionals for different services, including cleaning. Customers can submit requests, and you will bid on the job.
  2. TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit allows users to hire freelancers for different tasks, like cleaning. Clients will browse profiles, book services, and pay securely through the platform.
  3. Handy. Handy specializes in home services, like cleaning. Customers have to book appointments for cleaning services with vetted professionals like you. This is done directly through the Handy website or app.
  4. Yelp. While primarily known for business reviews, Yelp also has a platform that offers businesses the opportunity to list their services. Customers will have to search for cleaning services in their area and read reviews before booking.
  5. Angi. Angie's List, now known as Angi, provides a platform for users to find and review local service providers, like cleaners. You can create a profile for your business here and showcase your services to attract clients.

These platforms often have built-in features like messaging and booking systems. These options will make the process easier for both you and your clients.

7. Accept Different Payment Methods

Give your clients more ways for how they can pay for your services. It would be great if you can accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and digital wallets like PayPal or Venmo. There are also others that are made for small businesses, like Gusto, Patriot Software, and OnPay – this way, you will make it easier for clients to pay you in a way that's convenient for them. Some top cleaning companies like Grubbs Construction Cleaning and Green Queen Cleaning even accept crypto payments. 

You can start accepting payments using different methods by setting up accounts with the particular payment service. Do this by:

  • Researching and choosing a payment service provider suitable for your business.
  • Creating an account with the chosen payment service provider.
  • Setting up your account by providing necessary business and banking information.
  • Configuring payment options and methods accepted by your business.
  • Testing the payment process to ensure it functions smoothly.

Some clients may prefer to pay with their credit card for the convenience and security it offers. Others may choose to pay with cash or through a digital wallet. When you take into account these preferences, you're showing them that you value their patronage. 

8. Use Email Marketing to Increase Conversion

Email marketing is a good way to increase conversions in your business. You have to send targeted emails to your audience to drive sales, referrals, and customer engagement. To leverage email marketing, collect email addresses from clients and leads. 

Use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to create and send targeted campaigns. Segment your audience, come up with engaging content, and track results to optimize future campaigns. Provide value, promotions, and updates to keep subscribers engaged.

Recent studies show that email marketing delivers a fantastic return on investment, with $42 returned for every $1 spent, surpassing even social media. Plus, it's a cost-effective way to market your business over time. Email marketing helps you strengthen your retail assets and reduce reliance on paid advertising. This shields your revenue from fluctuations in search rankings or social media algorithms.

Personalized email marketing greatly influences consumer behavior, with 80% of consumers more likely to engage with personalized content. When you leverage email marketing, you will increase customer engagement, drive sales, and grow your cleaning business over time.

All the above strategies won't work if you do not provide exceptional service. This is hands down the best and most important tactic for your business. You must go above and beyond to make sure your clients are happy and satisfied with the service you provide.

To provide exceptional service, you need to focus on delivering high-quality cleaning results. You must be reliable and punctual and offer excellent customer service. This means paying attention to the little details, communicating effectively with your clients, and always being responsive to their needs and concerns.

According to Esteban Kolsky, the founder of CRM intelligence and strategy working with vendors to create go-to-market strategies, a whopping 72% of customers will share their positive experiences with others. On the flip side, if a customer is unhappy, they're likely to share their negative experience with even more people.

1 in 26 customers will not complain to the service provider if they experience bad service.
Source: SuperOffice

Most unhappy customers won't even tell you they're unhappy. They will simply stop doing business with you. So, when you provide a great service, you will not only retain your existing clients but also attract new ones through positive word-of-mouth referrals. Happy clients are more likely to recommend your services to their friends, family, and colleagues. This will help you grow your client base and achieve long-term success in your business.

It will obviously not be an easy task to implement all these strategies. But if you take the pains to follow them, you will end up being grateful that you did. Focus on understanding your clients and market locally. Think of joining online marketplaces and accepting different payment methods. Follow SMB entrepreneurs for inspiration. Doing these will ensure you stay on track and get more clients for your cleaning business.

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