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For Independent Workers: Payroll, Payments & Jobs

Manage all your professional affairs in one place with AI

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Operate like a company from your place at

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Manage Your Jobs

Choose, sign up for, and manage jobs from around the world. F4P is linked to the most popular job boards and company career pages. Handle your contracts, receive payments, and collect performance data while being connected with clients/employer systems.



Whether you're freelancing, working on contracts, or selling digital goods, F4P serves as your payment gateway, giving you complete control over your earnings. You can also hire and pay other freelancers with ease.


Skills management

The more contracts and payments you make using F4P, the better the system becomes at predicting the growth or decline of your earnings. It proactively advises you on which skills to enhance, empowering you to boost your income


Profile management

Collect your full professional journey in one place and assume control of your public profile. Your data is in your hands, empowering you to showcase your skills and connect with the World of Work.

Jobs Management

Choose Your Next Job Without the Hassle of Searching.

At F4P, we will continually match you with remote job opportunities tailored to your skills and experience. The longer you stay on the  platform, the more relevant job openings you'll receive.

  • Apply for jobs on autopilot. Sign and manage all your contracts in one place
  • Receive payments from your employers/clients in currency you want
  • Collect your performance data while being connected with employer/clients HR and  task-management systems.
  • Get an AI or shared job-agent/career consultant if needed
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Payments Gate

Payments Gate scheme

Accept payments from your customers in any currency and enjoy the freedom to withdraw or send payments in the currency of your choice.

Effortlessly execute peer-to-peer payments to your colleagues and other independent workers, treating them as your trusted contractors.

Monetize Your Services, Online Content, or Mentorship. Create as many payment pages and links as you need within your F4P profile, accommodating every source of income.

Skills Management

As you continue using our platform, it becomes increasingly proficient at forecasting the growth or decline of your income.

With a keen understanding of the job market, our system identifies the highest-paying vacancies and offers guidance on skill improvement to help boost your income.

You can also take advantage of our ready-to-go career templates to upskill or acquire new expertise, further elevating your standing in your domain.

Plus, you have the opportunity to teach and learn from other independent professionals – whether you're seeking a mentor or eager to share your knowledge as a mentee yourself.

Skills Management scheme

Profile Management

Profile Management scheme

F4P Profile: Your Trusted Global Professional Profile.

Gather your entire professional journey in one place to showcase your skills and achievements.

  • Enhance your credibility and personal brand with daily tips.
  • Verify your identity just once on F4P, eliminating the need to repeat the process for each new client/employer.
  • Manage sensitive personal data like wallets and contract addresses, all in one secure location.

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